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Big Island (Kona)
If you could look into the minds of people all over the world for their ideal vacation destination, what you would see is a picture of the Island of Hawaii. With a perfect climate and stunning beauty at every turn, it is the archetype of paradise. Its carefree sunny days, endless beaches, tropical rain forests, the dramatic allure of active volcanoes, and romantic blue lagoons are the essence of day dreams all over the world. The Island of Hawaii is commonly referred to as "The Big Island" to help differentiate it from the state of Hawaii. But this name is appropriate for another reason; it is nearly twice as large as all the other islands in the state combined. The home of Madame Pele, the volcano goddess of Hawaiian mythology, the Kilauea volcanoes spews lava into the air and sea, creating new shoreline with its constant fury.

Reflecting the island's natural diversity, Hawaii's population is a mix of individual cultures interacting while still retaining their own unique qualities. Its warm and sunny western coast and tropical Hilo with waterfalls and valleys, have made Hawaii and tourism synonymous. Until not so long ago, only the wealthy could afford the long voyage to this remote Pacific Ocean locale. But today, Hawaii today is accessible to people from all walks of life!
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