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Though Belize has long made a splash with scuba divers, this small, English-speaking country also boasts prominence as a premier place for unearthing the mystery of the Mayas, and as a natural choice for eco-tourism. Located in the Western Caribbean, Belize hugs the eastern borders of Mexico and Guatemala and shares with them a place in the Mundo Maya, a network of fabulous and fascinating ancient sites. Belize has four major Mayan archaeological areas that are each only a day trip from Belize City. Tikal, the most famous Mayan City of all, lies just across the border in Guatemala.

For travelers interested in the environment, Belize's rich geography includes rugged mountain ranges, dense tropical rainforests, lush interior jungles, and natural beaches. Fabled jaguars, playful howler monkeys and hundreds of species of exotic birds and butterflies make their home here, too. No matter where you stay in this colorful country, you'll enjoy a warm-hearted welcome from the accommodating locals. Belize City makes an excellent base for discovering both inland areas and outer cayes. If your idea of a perfect vacation means taking it slow and easy, Ambergris Caye offers sunny palm-fringed beaches, plus great diving, fishing, and bird-watching.
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